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It is simply impossible to have a relaxing holiday or conduct business without being "connected" to the world, Vodacom's high speed HSDPA broadband Router is the smartest mobile broadband service around and exclusive to Vodacom Rentals and Vodacom and will transform your visit.

In today’s age you will probably have more than one device that you wish to connect to the Internet with at the same time ie Laptop, Smartphone, iPad.
Well look no further as our R201 Wireless Router will allow you to connect up to 5 devices at the same time.
There is no need to install any software, simply turn on the device, insert the WiFi Key provided and you are ready to carry on as if you never left home.

The rates are extremely low and up to 500% cheaper than roaming. Enjoy "always on" technology and really fast broadband data speeds.

The R201 Router will work on ANY device that has WiFi.

So avoid excessive surprise roaming bills and go with the easy plug and play solution. And best of all our guys at the airport will set up your broadband modem at no additional charge.

Data Bundles available

  • 512Mb for R399
  • 1 Gig for R599
  • 2 Gig for R799
  • 3 Gig for R999
  • 5 Gig for R1350
  • 10 Gig for R2700
Router and data rental

*Please note that the bundle prices includes up to 30 days rental but excludes 14% Vat (Value added Tax)

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