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Q.Can I rent without a Credit card?

A.No, this is the only mechanism we have for billing customers and like Car rental it is essential. We accept all major cards and prefer Visa or master card.


Q.When will I get my deposit back?

A.The deposit is returned to you less the invoice amount once the invoice is generated.


Q.What happens when my deposit is depleted?

A.A pre-authorisation is taken from the credit card details provided to secure payment for the next bill run. If a pre-authorization cannot be obtained you will be contacted by a Vodashop representative, in the event that a pre-authorization is still not obtained your telephone number will be locked and your service terminated.


Q.When will the refund reflect in my account?

A.As we manually refund your credit card without it being present it does take slightly longer to reflect. It usually takes between 3-10 days when refunded to an international bank and 2-5 days when refunded to a local bank.


Q.Who do I contact if I have a billing Query?

A.Should you have any billing queries please make contact via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone on +27 21 4011300


Q.Who do I contact should I have a problem while renting?

A.If you are having difficulties whilst renting a product through Vodacom Rentals, please contact our 24 Hour helpdesk on +27 82 858 0000.


Q.What should I do if my phone, modem is stolen?

A.Your should immediately contact us 24 hours per day on +27 82 858 0000 or on 082111 so the phone number can be locked, you will be held liable for the bill up to this point. A new device will be issued. You will be liable for the excess.


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Q.What can I do on the internet with 1 Gig’s worth of Data?


  • You can send 100000 emails (without any attachments)
  • You can send 7000 emails (With document attachments)
  • You can download 182 music tracks (4 Minute MP3 Track)
  • You can upload or download 512 Photos (1 Photo = 2mb)
  • You can view 682 minutes of streaming video (I.e: Youtube)
  • You are able to be on instant messaging for 682 Hours(i.e Skype text only, Skype video is streaming data)
  • You can do online gaming for 50 Hours

Q.Will the Grasshopper modem work with Mac Operating system Leopard/Snow?

A.Yes it will work on all operating systems.


Q.What Operating systems will the Grasshopper and K3805 modem work on?

A.Both modems will work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and all versions of the MAC OS. Both Modems are supplied with software for all Operating systems and our friendly staff are more than happy to load these for you.


Q.Can I use my modem when I travel through South Africa and into neighbouring countries?

A.You can use the Grasshopper or the K3805 modem throughout South Africa however only the K3805 will work on International Roaming in neighbouring countries.


Q.Why cant I send emails when connected to my USB modem?

A.In many cases you will need to edit your outgoing email details in your mailbox settings, when using a Grasshopper modem you will need to change the outgoing mail settings to smtp.hopper.co.za and should you be using an K3805 modem you will change this to smtp.vodacom.co.za (please remember to make a note of the current settings so these can be re inserted when you depart)


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Q.How do I make a local call or international call?

A.Enter the mobile number followed by the green handset (dial) button, for international calls dial the exit code 00 or “+” (press the * button twice) followed by the country code i.e. dialling the USA +1 XXXXXXXXXX


Q.What do I dial in event of an emergency?

A.You can dial 112 or for a medical emergency 082 911


Q.What do I dial for voice mail?

A.Dial 121 and follow the voice prompts


Q.Are incoming calls always free?

A.Yes, while in South Africa. Should you roam, incoming calls are billed and voicemail is no longer free.