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It is simply impossible to have a relaxing holiday or conduct business without being "connected" to the world, Vodacom's high speed HSDPA broadband is the smartest mobile broadband service around and exclusive to Vodacom Rentafone and Vodacom and will transform your visit. This is the ideal plug and play solution for your broadband internet rental in South Africa, whether you are downloading emails or surfing the web.

The rates are extremely low and up to 500% cheaper than roaming. Enjoy "always on" technology and really fast broadband data speeds. Vodacom Rentafone uses the Vodafone K3805 with HSUPA and Vodacom's 3G Network to deliver its world class service at speeds up to 21MB/Second. The K3805 modem fits in the USB port of your computer, and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and Mac.

So avoid excessive surprise roaming bills and go with the easy plug and play solution. And best of all our guys at the airport will set up your broadband modem at no additional charge.


Vodacom Rentals and Vodacom presents grasshopper, an always on convenient broadband service. Grasshopper allows you to purchase your data online and gives you full control of your usage. You will never receive a surprise data bill as your grasshopper modem will stop working when your data cap is reached and you will be directed to the online bundle purchase portal. Within minutes, you will be surfing the airwaves again.

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